Software Development

PAVUS PIXEL offers a wide range of IT programming services. We have outstanding experience in application development, desktop and application design as well as various software components and web-project programming.

At Pavus Pixel we develop customized software for the clients as per the requirement with the best and latest technology, compatible with all operating systems which will help our client in their business minimizing the usual time and increasing productivity. We develop highly structured software following best Software development life cycle model which has interactive and attractive user interface facilitating ease to our customers.

We not just deliver customer requirement but also add to it with our ideas and innovativeness we give a very good software and service.

The high quality we provide and low price is why customers choose us for their service. Our main goal is to fulfill customer needs and requirements with in time.


Stand alone application

These applications or software are independent and does not need network, other application or any other program to run and perform its task. This is usually deployed locally and makes use of services only when necessary. A stand alone application is usually used by small and start up firm to store their business data etc.

PAVUS PIXEL has been an eminent organization in developing stand alone business applications with experienced technical team. It has been a habit for the organization in enhancing and emulating small scale and large scale applications to render accurate services for prominent business.


Product and application maintenance

Development is not the only goal of PAVUS PIXEL , maintenance plays a key role in implementation and updating on technology improvement.

PAVUS PIXEL helps software providers meet the challenge of ongoing software maintenance and support with a range of services designed to substantially lower their maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels. This is the service through which we are in long relationship with our clients , as we not just provide product to clients and disappear but be with them and support their business by maintaining their product and improvising it further with technical and functional advancement.